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A Great Place for the Entire Family,
in the Heart of the Napa Valley Wine Country!

Old Faithful Geyser

Located in the heart of wine country, it is one of only three geysers in the world coined with the name, ”Old Faithful.”

Animal Farm

Features the newcomers Nigerian Dwarf goats, Alpaca and horses.

Old Faithful Gardens

Showcases a wide variety of beautiful, native plants in a serene and relaxing setting.

Picnic & Bocce Courts

Bring in your favorite food & wine  and enjoy having lunch or dinner while you play a game or two of bocce with friends or family.

Country Corner

Life in the country is simpler, quieter, slower, and sweeter. Those who live in the country truly appreciate the nature that surrounds them.

Geology Museum

It’s a wonderful place for the entire family to learn about our planet, earthquakes, geothermal energy, geysers and local history.

Our History

From Wappo Indians to Spanish and Russian explorers, then to Gold Rush…


Old Faithful Geyser

In the early days of the National Geographic Society, Old Faithful Geyser of California was declared one of only three “faithful” geysers in the world because of its regular eruptions. This geyser has also proven itself to be a good predictor of earthquakes. When the geyser’s regular eruptions are delayed or diminished, an earthquake is likely within the next couple of weeks in the 500 miles surrounding the geyser.


Life is Simply Better in the Country

Many say that people simply live better in the country. Contrary to life in the city, life in the country is simpler, quieter, slower, and sweeter.

Old Faithful Animal Farm

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

nigerian dwarf goat

Coffee Bean


Our farm currently features three varieties of animals which include the famous Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Alpaca and Horses – and we often have new arrivals! While visiting our grounds you will learn much more about each of these breeds.


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