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The Old Faithful Geyser of California has been featured in National Geographic, Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens and Time magazines. It has also been the subject of numerous newspaper articles and television features on such programs as Bay Area Backroads, CBS This Morning, KRON4 News, California Gold and Romantic Escapes, as well as all the major television networks regarding Old Faithful Geyser of California as an earthquake predictor or as a famous travel experience for the whole family.

Earthquake Predictor Related Articles

USA Today
Calif. Geyser can predict earthquakes
Vallejo Times-Herald
Geyser joins ranks of earthquake predictors
September 2, 2014
Press Democrat (Sonoma County Newspaper)
Once again, Calistoga geyser felt quake coming
August 28, 2014
VIDEO: Calistoga’s Old Faithful Geyser May Have Predicted Napa Quake
Jun 17, 2010
The Weekly Calistogan
Calistoga’s Old Faithful Geyser is site for USGS studies
February 11, 1995
Napa Valley Register
Scientists look at where quake prediction studies are headed
September 8, 1994
Calistoga’s Hometown Newspaper Since 1877
Old Faithful Geyser does it again
January 19, 1994
Vallejo Times-Herald
Geyser offers faultline insight
January 19, 1994
Press Democrat (Sonoma County Newspaper)
Old Faithful rumblings precede quake
November 19, 1992
Today’s Science on File
California Geyser Predicts Earthquakes?
September 14, 1992
Time Magazine
Quake Predictor
September 8, 1992
U.S.A Today
Geyser: Quake predictor?
September 4, 1992
Sacramento Union
Calistoga geyser linked to major quakes
September 4, 1992
Press Democrat
Faithful quake forecaster
September 4, 1992
San Francisco Chronicle
Calistoga Geyser May Help Predict Quakes
September 4, 1992
The Huntsville Times
Geyser may be warning of big quakes
September 4, 1992
San Francisco Examiner
Calistoga geyser a quake predictor?
September 4, 1992
New York Times
Geyser’s Eruptions Seem to Predict Some Earthquakes, Scientists Say
December 6, 1990
San Jose Mercury News
Geysers, rocks may predict earthquakes, scientists say

Travel Related Articles
(Just a sampling)

August 27, 2018
A visit to Old Faithful Geyser of California

Smiling Mamma

We were planning a weekend trip to Napa Valley California and looking for all the things that we could do during our stay there. During my research I found out about the geyser in California so close to home.
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October 19, 2016
Calistoga on a C-note: Two people, one day, $100

By Spud Hilton

Much more than most of its Napa Valley neighbors, Calistoga retains a lot of its original rural small-town soul, albeit at times hidden under the chichi Wine Country veneer and luxury prices. Think Mayberry meets “Bottle Shock.” On Rodeo Drive.
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Volcanoes, Views and Vines
The secret to Napa and Sonoma’s success just might be the soil.

By Leela Lindner

IT’S EASY TO FORGET that the unassuming, bucolic landscapes of our northern neighbors are as internationally recognizable as the famous city anchoring the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.
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June 28, 2016
CHRISTI WARREN (The Press Democrat)
Fire destroys structure at Old Faithful Geyser site in Calistoga

Calistoga’s Old Faithful Geyser is Open! The recent fire stayed to the borders of the property causing little to no damage to our Geyser and Park Facility. All of our Animal Friends are safe and accounted for. We will continue to greet guests from around the world to view Nature’s Spectacular Performance and use this unfortunate event to improve our facility, beautify our main entrance, and give our guests more to enjoy!
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Napa Valley Day Trip – Routes and Trips

A Napa Valley day trip should be included in any trip to San Francisco. Napa Valley is a beautiful stretch of valley north of San Francisco and home to 300-400 …


Dec 12, 2015
Article by Lisa M. Krieger and pictures from San Jose Mercury News
When Old Faithful turns faithless
July 17, 2015
Hilton Hotels & Resorts: Hilton Mom Voyage
Atlas Obscura
CALIFORNIA’S OLD FAITHFUL – California’s own majestic geyser is powered by a subterranean volcano
June 15, 2015
Press-Telegram Travel
Calistoga getaway: Mud baths, bicycle picnics and a dash of history
Spring 2015
California Meetings & Events
Call on Calistoga
April 13, 2015
Chicago Tribune
Family-friendly Napa Valley: Beyond the wine
February 19, 2015
Thermal Zones Blog
Old Faithful Geyser of California
December 14, 2014
101 Things To Do Wine Country
Old Faithful Geyser of CA
Napa Valley Spa Guide
Old Faithful Geyser of California
Sunset Magazine
Old Faithful and Copia
California’s Gold
Water Under Pressure
April 21, 2014
Napa Valley’s Geyser is a Daytrip Destination for Everyone
July 2, 2013
U.S. News (Travel)
Places You Never Thought to Take Your Kids

June 1, 2012
Western Trips
Geyser in California Video / Calistoga
June 1, 2012
Wine Country This Week
Old Faithful Geyser of California – A Natural Phenomena
November 19, 2003
About Travel
Old Faithful Geyser of California
April 1, 2003
Bay Nature (Exploring Nature in the San Francisco Bay Area)
The Fire Down Below
October 26, 2002
RV travels across North America with Bob and Laura Madigan
The “Old Faithful” of California In a Petrified Forest
December 28, 2001
Owner keeps Old Faithful a real hot spot / Kolbek’s energy boosts Calistoga attraction
September 11, 1988
Los Angeles times
The Town of Calistoga Has Its Own Old Faithful


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