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Capped Geyser

Capped in 1916

The same year that this second geyser was drilled, it was also capped. Then in the mid-1900s, this geyser was put back into service, providing nutrient rich mineral water to the Old Faithful Hot Mineral Therapy Pool, which is located nearby. A pipe connected to the geyser not only allowed water to flow freely to the pool, but also helped regulate the water’s temperature. Visitors soaked in the pool in order to take advantage of the spiritual, healing and rejuvenating properties the water had to offer.

In 2009, the geyser was officially put out of service. Water from the hot springs and geysers in the Calistoga area is most commonly used for bathing and drinking. However, back in the 1900s, water was used to heat homes, hotels and other buildings. Known as geothermal heat, this process is still used around the globe today. Its popularity is rising given that geothermal heating systems provide renewable energy and are much more energy efficient than conventional heating systems.


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